What to expect from CyberCX Hackathon 2021

Hands-on Learning

This event is tailored for cyber security professionals, security managers, software developers and students looking to test their skills and identify knowledge gaps. This hands-on cyber security challenge is designed to offer participants practical real-world learning to develop skills.

Real-world Scenarios

Unmatched realism delivers long-term benefits that “learning by doing” provides to teams that protect your enterprise. Challenges provide a rare opportunity to explore crisis management in a safe environment.

Virtual Experience

Going beyond the standard approach, we offer virtual guidance to ensure that you and your team make the most out of this training event. Connect virtually with colleagues and peers in this team building opportunity, not to mention the prizes and bragging rights for the winners.

Event Details

Despite wide adoption, organisations remain unprepared for the velocity of cloud usage and expanding threat landscape. Hackathon participants will enter a world filled with real technologies, security holes, encoded emails, and hacker portals, experiencing first-hand the risk an insecure cloud environment brings.

Date and time
3 December 2021
7am AWST | 10am AEDT | 12pm NZDT
2 challenges
2 Challenges to choose from:
– Forescient: Beginner to Intermediate
– InfiniCrate: Intermediate to Advanced
One challenge per team. Please select your challenge upon ticket purchase.
Compete as a team or as a solo player.
The maximum number of players per team is 4.
If more than 4 players are attending from the same organisation, please split the teams.
Prizes for the winning team or individual:
3 prizes are awarded for each challenge:
1st Prize $2,500 Gift Card
2nd Prize $1,500 Gift Card
3rd Prize $1,000 Gift Card

Who should attend?

Cyber security professionals (especially cloud stakeholders including Architects, Engineers and Administrators)

Security Managers who are looking for a fun and engaging way to enhance their team’s skills

Software developers and testers with beginner security expertise who are keen for hands-on learning, to seasoned developers and testers who are looking to expand their attack and security skills

Students enrolled in cyber security degree / certification programs looking to enhance their skills in a real-world setting and obtain hands-on practical experience

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Our industry has come a long way. Teams of cyber security professionals now sit at the heart of many organisations.

But until recently, cyber security was an obscure and little understood discipline. Young men (they were almost all men) were relegated to labouring away in isolation – disconnected from colleagues and overlooked by management.

Our industry, more than most, understands the impact such isolation can have on the mental health of men. The challenge is even greater now as so many of us work remotely.

That’s why we are proud supporters of Movember.

CyberCX will donate $10 to Movember for every Hackathon ticket purchased.

Together, we can help shine a light on the importance of men’s health, particularly mental health, whilst supporting a range of initiatives that are driving meaningful change in men’s lives.

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