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Cyber Intelligence

CyberCX Intelligence is a unique Australia and New Zealand capability, with unparalleled visibility into our region. We have the information, access and context to give our partners a decision advantage. 


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Cyber intelligence professional


We empower decision-makers and security teams to become intelligence-led




Organisations are increasingly taking an intelligence-led approach to cyber risk. Our geographic and sector-specific intelligence lets organisations prioritise their cyber strategies, investments and controls, and triage threats for action.


Cyber threat actors are adaptive, the geopolitical landscape changes quickly and technology is always evolving. We help you focus on the threats and controls that matter most to your organisation, and to outsmart threat actors before they can cause you harm.


We help organisations understand the threats relevant to them in their external environment, so they can make better decisions about managing risk in their internal environment. From security operations and training to executive strategy—we are already informing the decision-making of hundreds of Australian and New Zealand organisations.

Market-leading Indo-Pacific cyber intelligence 

CyberCX Intelligence is a dedicated practice of intelligence analysts, with decades of experience across political analysis, law enforcement, security policy, cyber operations and threat intelligence. To produce our own uniquely-sourced intelligence we leverage:

  • Multiple global premium commercial, industry and open source feeds, aggregated via our Threat Intelligence Platform. 
  • Case files from our Digital Forensics and Incident Response practice, aggregated into threat actor and tradecraft insights.
  • Telemetry and sightings from across Australian and New Zealand customer networks, equipping us with a unique regional picture of threat actor activity.
  • Vulnerability insights from CyberCX’s Security Testing and Assurance practice.
  • Our own global dark web and criminal marketplace monitoring, resulting in proactive notification

Our solutions


Intelligence analysis

Analysis to support business decisions, strategy development, planning and investment, and control prioritisation.


Executive intelligence

Intelligence briefings delivered by expert communicators, and support with Board collateral, to empower leaders to understand the cyber threats relevant to their organisations.


Strategic threat assessments

Custom assessments of your unique cyber threat landscape, to guide business decisions, prioritise cyber uplift activities, and inform investment and planning cycles. 


Intelligence analyst-as-a-service

On-demand access to an intelligence analyst for reports, assessments, investigations or advice on shaping your own intelligence program.







Operational preparedness

Improve and stress test cyber defences—before, or during, an incident. 


Operational intelligence reports 

Regular reports delivering frequency and impact analysis on latest threats and threat actor TTPs relevant to your operating environment, mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Used to monitor for trending techniques and prioritise security spend.


Threat actor intelligence 

Latest threat actor and tradecraft insights used to improve controls and training, and during threat hunts and incident response.


Intelligence-led threat scenarios 

Use an intelligence-led threat scenario to extract more value from adversary simulation and training exercises, ensuring they are relevant and real-world standard.  





Threat detection

Proactive identification of external threats to enhance response and defence.


Targeting reports 

We simulate how real-world threat actors would conduct an initial reconnaissance exercise against you. Deepen awareness of your attack surface, learn how a threat actor might exploit the information we’ve found, and take appropriate defensive steps.


Data exposure assessments

After phishing, compromised credentials are a leading cause of compromise. We can proactively identify the availability of those credentials before they can be used by criminals.


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Find out how an ongoing intelligence partnership with CyberCX can give your organisation unparalleled visibility into the Australian and New Zealand cyber threat landscape.


Cyber Intelligence Insights


Global sport and cyber threats

A new cyber insights report from CyberCX has found that the global sporting sector faces an increasingly hazardous cyber threat landscape as a broad range of threat actors demonstrate intent and capability to target sporting organisations and major events, with Australia becoming an increasingly attractive target.








Australian Charities

A new insights report from CyberCX has found that the cyber risk level for the charity sector is high, as charities grapple with limited funding and resources, a reliance on third-party IT providers, and hold sensitive data that could be attractive to cyber criminals.




Sector intelligence subscription 

A sector subscription is specific to your geography and industry vertical, equipping you with relevant, timely and unique data and insightsCyberCX Intelligence sector subscriptions are currently helping our customers:

  • Deepen their understanding of their industry’s specific threat environment, including incidents that have affected similar organisations. 
  • Quickly obtain plain English collateral that can be used to inform business leaders.
  • Confidently understand how macro legislative, economic and geopolitical changes will impact their cyber threat.


Quarterly AUNZ sector intelligence reports 

Likelihood and impact of key threats, analysis of latest incidents, updates on threat actor intent and capability, tradecraft and latest vector insights, unique to your sector. Includes actionable insights and recommendations.

Advisories and updates 

Short reports on AUNZ cyber threats as they happen – from exploited critical vulnerabilities and major phishing campaigns to significant geopolitical events. Confidently understand the impact for your sector. 

Analyst hotline

Access to a dedicated SME analyst to help match our intelligence to your unique challenges. 

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Why CyberCX Intelligence?

High-value Australian and New Zealand intelligence


We leverage access and expertise from a network of 1,400+ cyber security professionals who protect and defend 2,000+ Australian and New Zealand organisations. We work closely with CyberCX’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response practice, the largest team in our region.

Customised and relevant 

We provide insights that are customised to our customers’ sectors, business operations and economic, social and geopolitical context. We’re not ‘just another’ intelligence feed. 

Genuine insight 

Our multidisciplinary team of technical and analytical experts produce leading insights that have influence across our region – from the basement to the boardroom. 


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Trusted cyber security partner to leading Australian organisations.

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Cyber Intelligence Advisories and Updates


Confidently understand the cyber impacts of significant geopolitical events and get ahead of threat actor activity across Australia and New Zealand, with original CyberCX Intelligence analysis and investigations.



Cyber Adviser

From the CyberCX Intelligence desk, Cyber Adviser cuts through the noise and gives you visibility of what matters most.



CyberCX Intelligence in global media

CyberCX Intelligence reports, original investigations and experts frequently appear in regional and global media.


Four Corners | How cyber-crime has become organised warfare

Improve your security posture with Cyber Intelligence

Find out how an ongoing intelligence partnership with CyberCX can give your organisation unparalleled visibility into the Australian and New Zealand cyber threat landscape.

Australia’s trusted
cyber security and cloud partner

Expertise at scale

More than 1,400 cyber security and cloud professionals delivering solutions to our customers.

Eyes on glass 24/7

Continuous monitoring of your network across our 9 advanced security operations centres globally.

Help when you need it

The region’s largest team of incident responders handle over 250 cyber breaches per year.

Assessing your needs

Industry-leading experts conduct more than 500 baseline security assessments per year.

Providing credible assurance

Our exceptional team of ethical hackers conducts over 3,000 penetration tests per year.

Training the next generation

The CyberCX Academy is training 500 cyber professionals over the next three years.


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