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Security Testing and Assurance

Penetration Testing services

Securing your network and applications begins with identifying vulnerabilities. Secure your systems from cyber-attack with expert Penetration Testing.


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Penetration Testing Services


Securing your organisation starts with understanding your security posture, which includes knowledge of the vulnerabilities that exist within your environment.

Penetration testing is a well proven technique of authorised hacking where our team of experts interrogate your systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat actors. Armed with prioritised reports detailing your organisation’s vulnerabilities, you will be able to strengthen the security of your applications, networks and physical environments.


Benefits of Penetration Testing

Proactively strengthen your cyber resilience, reduce your organisation’s exposure to risk and align with leading cyber security standards.


Harden your systems

Harden your systems and reduce your organisation’s risk exposure by incorporating cyber security into your overall risk management policy.

Validate security posture

Independently validate your organisation’s security posture and processes against industry best practices to achieve a competitive advantage in your market.

Maintain compliance

Achieve and maintain compliance against a range of leading cyber security standards including PCI-DSS, ISO27001, NIST and others.

Uncover vulnerabilities

Provide feedback on vulnerabilities uncovered to development teams to drive improvements in secure coding practices.

Avoid business disruption

Avoid the business disruption, escalating costs, legal ramifications, and reputational damage that result from avoidable cyber-attacks and breaches.


Our 4-step Penetration Testing methodology

Our Penetration Testing methodology is a multi-layered approach based on world’s best practice.


Detailed information is gathered about systems, business processes, information flows and the technology that supports business operations.


Prioritisation & planning

Armed with essential information about the existing systems, our Penetration Testing team will prioritise the most likely threats your organisation faces.



CyberCX combines the use of advanced automated technologies, together with specialist manual techniques that have been honed over years of experience.


Reporting & remediation

Findings are prioritised according to risk level, providing for a clear, actionable list of remediation recommendations to harden your security posture.



Customer success story

CyberCX appealed to us because it offered an end-to-end service from scoping, review and assessment, through to reporting and any required follow up. As a very busy internal technology team, we need partners who can listen to our needs and move independently as much as possible.”

Scott Whitfield
Chief Technology Officer 

Improve your security posture with Penetration Testing

Find out how CyberCX can improve your security posture with expert Penetration Testing to protect what matters most to your organisation.

CyberCX Penetration Testing standards and assessment frameworks

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST
  • The Penetration Testing Execution Standard – PTES
  • CREST Australia and New Zealand
  • Open Web Application Security Project – OWASP
  • OWASP Application Security Verification Standard – ASVS
  • CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors
  • CREST International
  • Plus many more

Why partner with CyberCX for Penetration Testing?

CyberCX combines unmatched Penetration Testing capabilities with a strong local presence in Australia to deliver outstanding results.

We understand every organisation faces unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our Penetration Testing services to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Protect your digital assets and ensure operational resilience with comprehensive testing from Australia’s largest and most experienced team of certified testing experts.

Trusted cyber security partner to leading Australian organisations.

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Improve your security posture with Penetration Testing

Find out how CyberCX can improve your security posture with expert Penetration Testing to protect what matters most to your organisation.

Penetration Testing success stories

See how CyberCX has helped organisations, both big and small, meet their security and business transformation requirements.


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Penetration Testing FAQs

Have a question about penetration testing not covered here?
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A Penetration Test (also known as ethical hacking or a pen test) is an authorised hacking attempt, targeting your organisation’s IT network infrastructure, applications and employees.

The purpose of the test is to strengthen your organisation’s security defences by identifying areas that are susceptible to compromise (vulnerable) and advising on remediation.

Outside of meeting a specific compliance requirement, penetration tests should be performed at least annually, or more frequently for organisations with a high-risk profile.

There is no standard answer for the time it takes to conduct a penetration test, as it depends on the objectives, approach, and the size and complexity of the environment (attack surface) to be tested – the scope of the work to be undertaken.

An app or small environment can be completed in a few days, but a large, complex environment can take weeks.

There is no universal price for a penetration test.

A good quality penetration tester will provide a consultation to understand your organisation’s aims and objectives and determine a high-level threat model (to understand the full scope of work) before they provide a quote.

A penetration test report lists the identified vulnerabilities and exploits, categorised according to risk level and recommendations for remediation based on key insights into the cyber-threat landscape.

A good-quality penetration tester will also conduct debriefing sessions targeting two separate audiences:

  • A technical debriefing aimed at system administrators and engineers. The technical briefing is intended for knowledge transfer – of the lessons learned during the penetration test – to the IT security team.
  • An executive debriefing tailored for the technology management group. This session provides the information needed to determine the appropriate risk management strategy.

Including regular penetration testing in your ongoing cyber security and information security management program is the best approach.

Compliance requirements mandate regular penetration testing – for example, PCI DSS compliance requires penetration testing at least annually or during infrastructure and application modifications and upgrades that significantly change the environment.

Unfortunately, many organisations aim to meet only the minimum requirements of penetration testing to achieve compliance – and believe themselves to be secure. This is a dangerous mindset.

As the threat landscape is ever-evolving, your cyber security company will be your best point of contact to advise on the frequency and level of compliance required to meet your organisation’s specific risk profile and cyber security needs.

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