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Penetration Testing

Internal Network Penetration Testing


Prioritising the security of your network’s internal defences against a range of threats makes good business sense.


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Benefits of Internal Network Penetration Testing


Conducting regular Internal Network Penetration Testing benefits your organisation by ensuring that your network’s internal barriers effectively limit and reduce the extent of any damage an incident can inflict.

The penetration testing team at CyberCX has unrivalled breadth and depth of experience. Our testers are certified and highly experienced, ensuring our approach aligns with industry-best practice, avoids system disruption and protects the integrity of your data.

Achieve greater awareness

Maintaining visibility over network users, as well as their authentication and access rights, is a challenge for any organisation. Internal network penetration testing gives you greater visibility and control, giving you confidence that intruders inside your network will have limited capacity to inflict damage on your organisation.

Allocate resources

Organisations are often unaware of the need for strong internal network defences. An internal network penetration test will identify vulnerabilities within the network that could pose a threat to the organisation if not remediated. This will allow management to allocate scarce cyber security resources in the most efficient way possible, improving your overall cyber resilience and hardening your organisation’s defences.

Gain confidence

Regular Internal Network Penetration Testing, will provide confidence that any potential internal attacks will be limited in the extent of damage they can cause. Even in the event that a disgruntled employee with access seeking to inflict damage, their capacity to do so will be limited.

Achieve compliance

Many cyber security standards emphasise the importance of regular internal penetration testing. For example, PCI-DSS requires a separation between those segments of the network storing sensitive payment card data from other parts of the network. Internal network penetration testing can help you ensure the appropriate internal segmentation is in place to comply with such standards.

Reduce risk

With technological advances, the separation between the network core and periphery has collapsed. Attacks can be launched in a multitude of ways, not just against the network perimeter, increasing an organisation’s risk profile. Internal network penetration testing is an essential security activity that strengthens the entirety of your network, reducing the impact and likelihood of an incident or breach.


Internal Network Penetration Testing overview


With advancements in technologies, such as mobile devices, social networking, wireless and cloud computing, there is no longer a clear distinction between a network’s core and periphery. It’s no longer enough to just focus on securing your external perimeter. Internal network penetration testing helps ensure your organisation has strong internal safeguards between network segments, systems and user communities.

With data widely accessible within organisations, Internal Penetration testing is important to assess operational resilience to internal fraud and the impacts from administrative errors, whilst also limiting the wider exploitation of your digital environment from an external intruder, should your external perimeter defences be bypassed.

  • Would you benefit from expert guidance to ensure network intruders are limited in the amount of damage they can inflict?
  • Are you keen to reduce the ability of a malicious insider to compromise your organisation’s data?
  • Are you looking for ways to limit the impact of any potential accidents within your network?

Internal network penetration testing can help you achieve all these goals and more by limiting lateral movements within your network.


What is Internal Network Penetration Testing?

Comprehensive network security requires more than a secure external perimeter. It also requires strong internal defences that limit the damage caused by illegal or accidental activities once inside your network.

Strengthening your internal defences makes good business sense. It can help ensure an externally launched attack is not able to quickly pivot into a broader internal attack. Furthermore, strong internal defences can limit the consequences of unintended errors, such as staff accidentally executing malicious code. It can even prevent a disgruntled employee from inflicting damage to your network from within.

An internal network penetration test is designed to ensure appropriate restrictions on lateral movement are in place to limit access between various sections of your network. You will receive detailed and prioritised reports of vulnerabilities, along with recommended remediations, so you can implement measures to strengthen your network’s internal defences.


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CyberCX combines unmatched Penetration Testing capabilities with a strong local presence in Australia to deliver outstanding results.

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