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Security Testing and Assurance

Application Security and DevSecOps

Embed security within the development lifecycle and empower your teams to design, build and operate secure software.


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Application Security


Application Security and DevSecOps focusses on embedding security into each phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).  

By utilising appropriate tooling and processes, we can encourage collaboration between Development, Security and Operations teams, make security a shared responsibility, and ensure potential vulnerabilities are discovered and security controls are implemented from inception. 


Benefits of Application Security and DevSecOps

Secure by design

Security is considered in the design phase to ensure security controls are implemented from day 1.

Security culture and scalability

Cross-functional collaboration enhances developer skillsets and expands security expertise across your organisation.

Early detection and response

Automated security testing provides development teams with the ability to remediate issues early in the development lifecycle.

Increased visibility

Gain continuous visibility and monitor threats, risks and vulnerabilities across the application landscape.

Speed of delivery

Security is embedded into the everyday ways of working. Teams can focus on features and deliver software at speed.

Automation by default

Consumable patterns and automated processes with low cognitive load are used to remove manual bottlenecks.


CyberCX Application Security and DevSecOps framework


CyberCX works with Security, Development and Operations teams to seamlessly integrate security into the software development lifecycle so you can design, build and operate secure software at speed.




Governance and Training

Secure SDLC Strategy 
  • Review of your software development practices identifying opportunities to embed security and development of a roadmap for maturity uplift aligned with your business strategy.  
Secure Development Training 
  • Introductory and customised training to uplift security culture within technical teams. Available training modules include Secure Development coding fundamentals, Threat Modelling, Securing your SDLC and DevSecOps.
Security Champions Program 
  • Support to design, implement and run a security champions program to uplift security culture and enhance team members skillsets. 


Threat Modelling
  • Support to embed threat modelling, a.k.a “evil whiteboarding”, into the design phase of your applications to get your development teams thinking about what could go wrong and plan mitigations and controls that are required.

Build and Deploy 

Secure Code Review 
  • Manual review of application source code to identify potential vulnerabilities and insecure coding practices.


DevSecOps Tooling Integration  
  • Implementation of DevSecOps tooling such as Static (SAST) and Dynamic (DAST) analysis, container scanning and Software Composition Analysis (SCA) based on your specific requirements.  
  • Operationalisation of supporting processes to ensure teams are able to prioritise, triage and remediate identified issues. 
  • Integration of tooling with your technology stack to provide development teams early insights into potential security issues, and security teams a holistic view of application risk.  


DevOps Security Testing 
  • Penetration testing against DevOps environments such as source code management (SCM), continuous integration / continuous deployment (CICD) and container platforms such as Kubernetes to identify misconfigurations and potential vulnerabilities. 


Application Protection 
  • Implementation and fine-tuning of runtime application security controls such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Real-Time Application Self-protection (RASP).
Application Risk Reporting 
  • Creation of custom dashboards and reporting mechanisms to provide you continuous visibility into your application risk landscape. 

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