CyberCX has released its annual Digital Forensics and Incident Response Year in Review Report for 2023 →

ICS/OT Cyber Security Year in Review 2022

ICS/OT Cyber Security Year in Review 2022

Executive Summary


CyberCX is proud to work alongside Dragos to present this ICS/OT* Cybersecurity Year in Review. The intelligence generated by the Dragos research teams is timely, unique, and detailed. It offers industrial cyber professionals the insights they require to defend against evolving threats. This report includes:

  • Key Statistical Findings
  • Influential ICS/OT Security Trends of 2022
  • An overview of the ICS/OT Threat Landscape
  • 2022 New Threat Groups
  • Other Active Threat Group Updates
  • Frontline Insights from OT Cybersecurity Consulting Engagements
  • Implementing 5 Critical Controls
  • Recommendations to protect your organisation against cyber extortion

We have distributed this report in partnership with Dragos to deliver on the promise of our respective missions: ‘Securing our communities’ and ‘securing civilisation’.

*Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT)

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