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Cloud Strategic Benchmarking Report

Insight into the strategic maturity of cloud


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Cloud Strategic Benchmarking Research


CyberCX has seen significant growth in cloud adoption across all industries it services. In the current technological climate, organisations are looking to diversify their digital portfolio into cloud-based solutions and benefit from increased scalability, cost savings and the general innovation initiative inherited by cloud technology.


Top 3 drivers for adopting cloud

#1 Scalability

#2 Increased agility

#3 Innovation/ elasticity

By 2024, nearly 60% of IT spend on application software will be directed toward cloud technologies.


Many organisations have seen the need to accelerate their cloud adoption strategy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic where remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the norm. These changes in working patterns have established an increased business appetite for cloud-based digital solutions and collaboration tools.

The increased urgency and demand for cloud-based solutions have resulted in businesses setting aside appropriate measures in establishing and implementing strategic cloud pathways which ensure success in the long-term outlook for cloud operations initiatives.




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