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Protective Security

Protective Security strategic planning and implementation support from the most experienced team in the market.

CyberCX can help plan, implement and manage your protective security requirements and keep you in front of regulatory changes. We can also assist with achieving membership of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) for those organisations seeking to partner with Defence.


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Protective Security


Secure your organisation simply and cost effectively

Manage Risks

Draw on the knowledge of Australia’s most experienced protective security specialists to identify and manage risks to your business.
We live and work in the communities we protect. Our advice is always anchored in the reality of Australian commerce and society.

Improve Resilience

Gain the expertise and guidance to build fit for purpose protective security into the fabric of your organisation, for greater resilience and adaptability to respond to evolving threats. Security becomes a business enabler.

Open up new markets

Having a positive security culture in place makes you a trusted partner for not just government, but multi-national customers opening up more opportunities for your business to grow.


Improve your security.
Increase your opportunities

Protective security has never been more critical to building successful and resilient organisations across government, businesses, and critical infrastructure. However, keeping your organisation’s most valuable assets protected is becoming more complex by the day. We put Australia’s leading protective security experts by your side to help you navigate complexity, minimising risk, improving resilience and creating value for your organisation.

CyberCX provide expert Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) assistance and services, for those businesses seeking to partner with Defence and with Defence industries . We focus on managing risks and raising levels of security protection across governance, personnel security, physical security and cyber security.

With decades of experience protecting industry defence and government in Australia and New Zealand, our experts understand your specific challenges and opportunities, and how to tackle them.

Get end-to-end guidance at enterprise scale, in a language you can understand. Whether you’re taking your first steps to plan a more secure business, or want more value from your existing investments, we are with you every step of the way.


Our solutions


Defence Industry Security Program

CyberCX’s experienced team will help you navigate the DISP journey from gap analysis through to managed service. Our range of services include:

  • DISP Gap Analysis
  • DISP Application Support
  • DISP as a Service
  • Annual Security Report (ASR) Preparation Services

Strategic Advice

Navigate complexity with end-to-end guidance from Australia’s leading protective security advisors, translating compliance challenges into meaningful business outcomes, while helping you build resilience.

  • C-Suite and Board partnerships
  • Security transformation strategy
  • Regulatory support and compliance advisory
  • Talent advisory and search

Supply chain risk management

Designed to help you better understand your supply chains risk profile and proactively manage the security risks posed by your suppliers. Our team support you to quickly identify areas of concern and address them through simple assessments and powerful analysis to deliver meaningful results

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Why CyberCX DISP?


CyberCX provides true end-to-end solutions from the most experienced industry experts in Australia.

We speak your language and understand how to simplify the often complex and confusing arena of protective security and defence engagement.

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