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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

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ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

Achieve ISO 22301 Certification

When an unexpected incident occurs, comprehensive incident management and business continuity plans are critical for minimising the impact to operations, reputation and revenue.

Organisations need to be prepared to face a diverse range of challenges. These may include risks associated with market forces, extreme weather events, terrorism, pandemics, disrupted supply chains or third-party failures. Increasingly, organisations also recognise the importance of being prepared for cyber incidents, including data breaches, ransomware, and system failures.

ISO 22301, the internationally recognised standard for Business Continuity Management, provides an effective framework to help you identify and prioritise the unique threats facing your business, before they happen.

CyberCX’s award winning and experienced business continuity consultants can guide you through the process of reaching and maintaining the ISO 22301 standard so that the impact of a major incident on your business operations, service to customers, reputation and revenue is minimised.



The Benefits of ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management


Have comprehensive plans in place that enable your organisation to successfully confront and overcome a range of complex, unexpected challenges.
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Cost effectiveness

Insufficient planning for unexpected challenges can cost your organisation dearly, both financially and in terms of reputation. Planning for a range of challenges can ensure you have the capacity to contend with such challenges efficiently and effectively, reducing the costs to your organisation.

Risk mitigation

Demonstrate to boards, shareholders and other stakeholders that you have procedures and systems in place to handle a range of risks, thereby mitigating the impacts those risks may have on your organisation.

Achieve long-term resilience

Appropriate planning is essential for any organisation wishing to ensure it will be resilient in the face of unexpected challenges, thereby helping it achieve long-term success.

“We’ve been engaging CyberCX to assist with our Business Resiliency Programme for over a decade. Our long-term relationship with them has enabled us to trust their expertise to create and maintain an innovative and mature global resilience program. This was proven when we won the 2019 BCI Americas Resilience Team of the Year award. We highly recommend CyberCX as an exemplary businesses resiliency partner who will ensure your business is empowered and protected.”

– Zohar Zacks, Senior Director, Business Resilience, Elsevier



Comprehensive Business Continuity Services

Building and maintaining a successful and resilient business, requires diligent planning and assessment. Whether your business is a small start-up, a not-for-profit or a well-established multi-national organisation, CyberCX can develop the optimal, most cost-effective, business continuity strategy for the unique challenges you face.

Our business continuity program uses the ISO 22301 as the framework which ensures your plans follow best practices and align to the standard’s requirements.

The program consists of five key services:

Incident management planning

Due to the nature of modern society, organisations need to be prepared for the unexpected and unplanned. Building an incident response framework that is flexible enough to encompass as many unforeseen scenarios as possible is fundamental to a resilient enterprise. CyberCX can build and guide the incident management planning process, from frameworks, to plans and playbooks.

Risk reduction

An organisation needs to understand the risks that exist in order to be able to reduce them or deal with them in the most efficient and effective way. CyberCX can work with you to identify and assess your business risks which could result in an incident and/or disaster.

Third party supplier resiliency

An organisation can be put at risk and exposed by deficiencies in third party supplier continuity planning and business resiliency. CyberCX has extensive experience of working with supply chains to implement controls and reduce the risks to businesses.

Pandemic planning

Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to a pandemic means organisations can minimise the impact to operations, reputation and revenue. CyberCX can work with you to establish a Pandemic Steering Group operating to a corporate governance framework. The business will respond to pandemics based on a Pandemic Response Guide and in conjunction with each business location Incident Management Plan and business continuity plans to provide an integrated response.

Business continuity planning

A resilient organisation requires comprehensive continuity plans to ensure the business has the capacity to efficiently resume operations following an incident. CyberCX has the expertise to help you develop and maintain appropriate business continuity plans that are tailored to your organisation’s needs. Furthermore, we can help you test and validate existing business continuity plans to ensure they are effective, pragmatic and intuitive.

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Extensive track record of successful certification across industry sectors and geographical territories.

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