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CyberCX has developed a comprehensive turnkey solution that can enable customers to rapidly deploy highly secure environments leveraging Microsoft’s 365 and Azure platforms, that align to the requirements of the Information Security Manual (ISM) to the PROTECTED classification.


The solution has been designed to meet the PROTECTED level of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and can be used to provide secured research environments, data enclaves, or remote desktop environments. It supports collaboration while maintaining stringent confidentiality requirements, particularly important in the areas of Cyber Security, Defence and Space.

Based on a common platform, CyberCX can work with customers to:

Define requirements

Define requirements that support custom business use cases

Standardise cost models

Standardise a cost model for these use cases, allowing these to be provided as part of business funding requests, grants or contract proposals

Build and implement ICT environments

Customise the ICT environment specific to business needs, including integration with business applications (e.g., local applications, M365, external SaaS solutions)

Provide ongoing support

Provide ongoing support to users using the environment (under a managed service)

Monitor environments

Monitor the environment through a PROTECTED Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Enable success

Enable our customers to successfully bid on, win, and deliver Commonwealth contracts and projects

Organisational Benefits

The solution can quickly scale to support the ever-changing needs of an organisation, easily growing to hundreds of thousands of users in a scalable manner. Designed and delivered as a secure cost-effective solution, it is suitable to host sensitive business projects and research efforts across sectors including Cyber, Defence and Space, Health and Biotech, Agrifood and Wine, Energy, Mining, and Natural Resources.

The CyberCX PROTECTED Azure solution will meet the needs of customers through:

  • Reducing setup and support costs, aligning project requirements for rapid time-to-value and stringent security
  • Accurately estimating the setup and usage costs of ICT environments
  • Continually improving processes and technologies that support businesses personnel working on sensitive or classified projects
  • Improving the ability to receive, analyse, collaborate, process, store and archive sensitive or classified data at scale
  • Focusing on providing a positive and optimised user experience
  • Uplifting Commonwealth confidence in your ability to deliver
  • Delivering a secure end-to-end turnkey solution

Solution Outcomes

Virtual Data Enclaves

For small to very large data analytics, data modelling and data reporting capabilities.

Secure Research

Research enclave(s) for projects and teams to collaborate with specific applications and resources needed to support their work.

Secure Web Gateways

Provides a centralised control point for all Internet traffic related to your environment.

Applications Integration

Ability to integrate with PROTECTED instances of applications such as Office 365 and Service Now, greatly enhancing the capability and features of your solution.

Virtual Desktop Farms

Enable small to very large numbers of users to perform BAU activities, supporting user personas such as Technical Support, General (including CSO/SO), Administrators, Developers and more.

PROTECTED SOC and ITSM Capabilities

Friendly and familiar user experiences while providing sophisticated use cases and relevant insights to Federal Government Cyber threats along with CyberCX’s market leading Cyber intelligence services.

This PROTECTED solution leverages the latest Microsoft Azure Cloud technology. The flexibility of the environment enables it to connect IoT devices, mobile devices, tablets, desktops, laptops and storage, or even accredited on-premises environments.

CyberCX provides an end-to-end managed solution, including the required security assurance documentation (IRAP assessment pack) for the solution, which is necessary to support the accreditation process with your accreditation partner.

CyberCX capabilities you can rely on

Unmatched Experience

Our highly qualified Microsoft cloud experts draw on years of experience in delivering the full range of end-to-end projects across all industry sectors.

Dedicated Expertise

As a pure play cyber partner, the CyberCX value to our clients stems from our specialist and dedicated cyber skills focused on the Microsoft ecosystem.

Tight Integrations

Faster time to value, increased efficiencies and greater return on your Microsoft technology investments due to the tight integration across the holistic suite.

Scalable Value

Focus on embedding scalable processes that deliver value over the long term to all levels of your organisation.

Why CyberCX

CyberCX maintains a significant ongoing investment in our partnership with Microsoft, making us one of the most highly certified and capable partners in the Asia Pacific region.

CyberCX currently maintains over 160 certified Microsoft security professionals.

We combine our skills, experience & expertise across the entire cloud portfolio to help mitigate risks, reduce costs, and provide time to value to meet your objectives.

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