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Penetration Testing

Securing your network and applications begins with identifying vulnerabilities. Know how to secure your systems from cyber-attack with expert Penetration Testing.


Penetration Testing

Why every organisation needs to penetration test

Avoid disruption

Harden your systems and reduce your organisation’s risk exposure by incorporating cyber security into your overall risk management policy.

Identify vulnerabilities

Avoid the business disruption, escalating costs, legal ramifications, and reputational damage that result from avoidable cyber-attacks and breaches.

Competitive advantage

Independently validate your organisation’s security posture and processes against industry best practice to achieve a competitive advantage in market.

Reduce risk

Provide feedback on vulnerabilities uncovered to development teams to drive improvements in secure coding practices.

Achieve and maintain compliance against a range of leading cyber security standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, NIST and others.


Penetration testing with Australia’s leading provider

  • Mitigate cyber risk
    Proactively test your systems to repel attacks and avoid business disruption.
  • Australian based staff
    A team of local specialists, we offer sovereign capability and are ready to be quickly deployed.
  • Unmatched insight
    We constantly monitor the threat landscape allowing us to preempt attacks.

Achieve all these outcomes and more with Penetration Testing from CyberCX.

Securing your organisation starts with understanding your security posture, which includes knowledge of the vulnerabilities that exist within your environment.

Penetration testing is a well proven technique of authorised hacking where our team of experts interrogate your systems to identify the vulnerabilities that can be cyber-attack.

Armed with prioritised reports detailing your organisation’s vulnerabilities, you will be able to strengthen the security of your applications, networks and physical environments.

Penetration Testing

Why choose CyberCX?


Cyber security professionals


Security incidents responded to per year


Offices across Australia & New Zealand


Cyber security baseline assessments per year


Active SOCs


Penetration tests per year

Our Penetration Testing services

CyberCX can undertake Penetration Testing against your applications, networks and physical environment.

Application Penetration Testing

  • Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

  • Web Services Penetration Testing

  • Thick Client Penetration Testing

  • Enterprise Breach Assessment or SOE

  • Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

  • External Network Penetration Testing

  • Internal Network Penetration Testing

  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing

  • OT, SCADA and IoT Penetration Testing

Physical Environment Penetration Testing

  • Physical Penetration Testing

  • Social Engineering Assessment

  • OSINT Assessment

Our 4-Step Penetration Testing Methodology

Our Penetration Testing methodology is a multi-layered approach based on world’s best practice.

1 Reconnaissance

Our Penetration Testers begin with comprehensive reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. Detailed information is gathered about systems, business processes, information flows and the technology that supports business operations.

2 Prioritisation and Planning

3 Exploitation

4 Reporting and Remediation

Penetration Testing

Improve your security

CyberCX combines unmatched Penetration Testing capabilities with a strong local presence right across Australia, the UK and US to deliver outstanding results.

We understand every organisation faces unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our Penetration Testing activities to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve your desired outcomes.