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Cyber Dialogue Series: Building an international cyber career, observations, insights and tips for success Q&A


What does it take to land a global cyber security role and become a leader in an industry where threats, breaches and hacks are part of everyday life? Starting as a programmer and analyst at the Western Australian Ministry of Justice in the 1990s, Perth-born Michael Sentonas’ career trajectory has led him to jobs around the world, including his current role as global Chief Technology Officer at CrowdStrike. Michael and CyberCX’s Phil Siefert discuss career trajectories, industry changes and lessons learnt, including: 1. The role Australian skills can play in the global cyber marketplace 2. What it takes to be successful on the international cyber stage 3. Observations, insights and tips on building an international profile 4. Why Australians are so sought after. This wide-ranging discussion also covers nation state actors, trends in the APAC region and observations from the front line.

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