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CyberCX appoints former head of UK National Cyber Security Centre Ciaran Martin to Global Advisory Board

CyberCX today announced it has appointed Ciaran Martin, former Chief Executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, to serve on its Global Advisory Board.

Melbourne, 9 September 2021

CyberCX, the leading cyber security services provider across Australia and New Zealand, has appointed former head of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Ciaran Martin to serve on its Global Advisory Board.

As a member of CyberCX’s Global Advisory Board, Martin will provide internationally recognised expertise and strategic advice to CyberCX as the company expands its market leading cyber service offerings across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States.

Martin formerly served as head of cyber security at the UK’s GCHQ before becoming the inaugural Chief Executive of the NCSC, he is now Professor of Practice at Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Martin will leverage his extensive international experience in cyber security and geopolitical matters to provide thought leadership and policy advice on behalf of CyberCX and to support CyberCX customers.

CyberCX CEO John Paitaridis confirmed Martin’s appointment as a key move to drive the company’s international expansion and global vision, “With Ciaran’s appointment, we have a truly exceptional depth of world class talent and expertise to enhance the strategic direction and growth focus for CyberCX in the international markets and build the leading security services organisation across the Five Eyes nations,”

“Having served in senior cyber security leadership positions in the UK government, Ciaran has a unique understanding of the ways in which threat actor behaviour and geopolitical tensions are impacting cyber risk considerations for businesses and government,” said Paitaridis.

“CyberCX has established the leading sovereign cyber capability in Australia and New Zealand and is expanding fast in the UK and US, with Ciaran joining us, we are in an even stronger position to defend and protect our customers from cyber threats as their trusted cyber security partner, ” added Paitaridis.

Martin said he was honoured to be appointed to CyberCX’s Global Advisory Board and that he felt CyberCX was playing an important role in the cyber security landscape, “Our success in addressing the cyber security challenges of today – in the UK, in Australia, and across the Five Eyes partners – will be largely defined by leadership within the private sector to help organisations manage risk and build resilience,” he said.

“At a time when governments around the world are talking about the resilience lessons to be learned from dealing with biological viruses, there’s a big resilience lesson to be learned in 2021 from dealing with digital viruses as well,”

“CyberCX is demonstrating exactly the kind of leadership that is needed in the current environment, bringing together exceptional expertise to deliver improved cyber security outcomes for organisations across both the private and public sector,”

“As the global cyber threat landscape continues to shift, mission-driven organisations with sovereign capability like CyberCX play an increasingly important role in helping protect our communities across the world,” Martin added.

Martin joins inaugural CyberCX Global Advisory Board appointee Admiral (ret.) Michael Rogers, who formerly held the positions of commander of the US Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, and was appointed to CyberCX’s Global Advisory Board in 2020.

Alastair MacGibbon, CyberCX Chief Strategy Officer and former head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, said Martin’s contribution to CyberCX as an advisory board member would be significant, “Ciaran’s expertise will be a force multiplier for CyberCX, providing invaluable strategic advice to strengthen our position as the region’s leading operationally informed, intelligence-led cyber security services organisation.”

Martin’s appointment was made following compliance with the UK Government’s rules for former officials on post-Government employment.


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