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CyberCX launches new Cyber Strategic Communications capability

Melbourne, Australia – 12 February 2024


CyberCX has today launched their new Cyber Strategic Communications capability to provide industry and government decision-makers with access to unique strategic and communications advisory, ensuring they are best placed to navigate technology and cyber crises.

The recent spate of high profile cyber and technology crises in Australia and New Zealand have highlighted that clear, technically accurate, and timely communications are key to the overall success of crisis management.


CyberCX’s Cyber Strategic Communications team is differentiated by its unique blend of:

  • Being embedded within, and leveraging the technical expertise of, the region’s largest and leading cyber security services provider;
  • An audience-led approach to strategy and communications, with a deep understanding of the complex ecosystem of stakeholders at play, and how to meet them where they are; and
  • A hard-won understanding of risk-based decision making which allows for the competing needs of reputational, technical, legal, and other streams.


The Cyber Strategic Communications team will work with organisations across three phases of the cyber incident lifecycle:

  • Readiness – Pre-incident preparedness exercises and activities, including cyber communications playbook development and uplift, tabletop exercises, communications workshops, and cyber scenario-specific media training;
  • Response – On-site, real-time support during a cyber incident or crisis assisting with the management of internal and external stakeholder engagement ranging from staff and customers to media and government bodies; and
  • Recovery – Post-incident review, reputational reframing, remedial workshops and support in ongoing stakeholder engagement.


With the launch of their Cyber Strategic Communications capability, CyberCX is able to offer clients a truly unique and holistic approach to dealing with cyber and technology crises, leveraging a broader expertise across digital forensics and incident response, cyber intelligence, board and executive education and strategic consulting services.


Attributable to John Paitaridis, Chief Executive Officer:

“This new capability has been built on the demand from organisations across industry and government seeking to better understand how to navigate the complex task of communicating effectively through the ambiguity of a cyber crisis.”

“Our team has been on the frontlines of many of the cyber attacks that we have all seen in the last four years, and we are determined to extend our capability and experience to more organisations that need and deserve quality strategic and communications advice.”


The Cyber Strategic Communications team will be led by experienced strategy, communications, and stakeholder specialists, Jordan Newnham, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, and Megan Lane, Director of Strategic Communications.


Attributable to Jordan Newnham, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs:

“Senior leaders grappling with the business-wide consequences of a cyber or technology incident have good instincts – and generally a cyber incident won’t be their first crisis.“

“But the unpredictability of stakeholders, of the criminals behind an attack, and of their own technology’s resilience calls for specialist advice to prevent setting themselves avoidable traps and tests.”


Attributable to Megan Lane, Director of Strategic Communications:

“Cyber security incidents in Australia have uniquely captured the attention and scrutiny of the political class, business leaders, investors, regulators, and the broader public.”

“This heightened attention and scrutiny brings increased brand and reputational risk, which can take months, if not years, to recover from.”




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