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Can Australia be the most cyber-secure nation in the world by 2030?

Melbourne, Australia – 12 December 2023


Meegan Fitzharris, from CyberCX, highlights key features of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy 2023 – 2030. These include creating the most cyber-securing nation in the world by 2030, and establishing six cyber shields to link citizens, business and industry, while building a sovereign capability.

Meegan says strengthening cyber resilience and sector information sharing are also key parts of the strategy, as it seeks to reassure citizens of the government’s commitment to securing major institutions across different sectors.,Furthermore, Meegan illustrates the strategy’s focus on healthcare. Specifically, it prioritises the protection of citizen’s health data and continuity of operation for health services. Being such an integral part of Australia’s infrastructure, the healthcare sector greatly benefits from a digital uplift – provided it is protected with upgraded cyber security. Investment in this field needs to be substantial and strategical, directly addressing the sectoral and regional needs.

Lastly, Meegan draws attention to the need for a major investment from ASX listed companies. Framing it as more than just a responsibility for technology leads, she highlights that understanding and managing cyber risks is central to the assurance companies provide their shareholders and customers. There is also a strong need for threat information sharing frameworks to facilitate improved cyber security, not only within large organisations, but also within small and medium businesses.

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