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Australia one of the ‘top ten’ countries targeted for cybercrime in the world

Melbourne, Australia – 15 November 2023

CyberCX Executive Director of Cyber Intelligence Katherine Mansted says Australia is one of the “top ten” countries targeted for cybercrime in the world.

The Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report for 2022-2023 was released on Tuesday and mentions the risk from other countries like Russia and China in cybercrime incidents.

“The dominant theme coming out of this report is the rise of cybercrime,” she told Sky News Australia.

“So cybercrime is big business, it is a multi-billion dollar global economy, and a lot of cyber criminals are plying their trade through Australia.

“The report also does point the finger out at nation-states though, China and Russia among them, and the government is not shy about talking about the espionage risk that these governments pose.”

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