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Cyber123 – Cyber security training for SMEs

Cyber123 for SMEs

Uplifting the cyber capability of Australian small and medium sized enterprises

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62% of SMEs experienced a cyber incident in 2020*.
Is your business ready if it happens to you?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) make up 99% of all Australian businesses and play a vital role in the Australian economy. However, they are often under-resourced to deal with threats from hacks and scams.

Tackling cyber security issues presents SMEs with a threefold challenge: it’s expensive, complex, and requires expertise.

CyberCX is helping SMEs overcome those challenges.

In partnership with the Federal Government, CyberCX has launched Cyber123 for SMEs, a free program designed to make cyber security manageable for SMEs, regardless of their size or industry.

Introduction to Cyber Security
for your Business

Please register your interest for upcoming cyber security webinars and workshops, where you will learn the foundations of protecting your business from cyber threats.

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At the core of the program is the Cyber123 Canvas, where we explain cyber security through the lenses of people, process, and technology. Because every business is different, and because you know your business better than anyone else, we will guide you in creating your own personalised canvas with actions. Through this process, you’ll develop a cyber security plan for your business.

Register today for the Cyber123 for SMEs program and start securing your business with the free online self-paced learning, eBook guide and Canvas cyber security planner.

The Cyber123 Canvas is supported by learning materials, on-demand training and expert-led workshops. These resources are tailored to SMEs across a wide range of industries and personnel roles, from the warehouse and shopfront to the boardroom – and beyond. Everyone involved has a role to play in helping the business stay cyber secure.

There are a limited number of fully subsidised places available for participants in the program. If your Australian business employs fewer than 200 employees, sign up now to avoid missing out.

Better cyber security for your business can be as simple as 1, 2, 3. Let us help you with Cyber123 for SMEs.

How Cyber123 for SMEs can reduce your supply chain risk

All of the time and money you’ve invested in cyber security can mean nothing if even one member of your supply chain poses more cyber risk than you can manage. You’re relying on their cyber security as much as yours, and they may not have the experience or resources that you have. Cyber123 for SMEs can help secure your supply chain, to fully protect your business from further risk.

*Source: ACSC, Cyber Security and Australian Small Businesses Report

Cyber123 – Cyber security training for SMEs

“Australia will not be secure until all businesses take steps to protect themselves, their supply chains and their customers.”

– Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020

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