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CyberCX Academy FAQs

CyberCX Academy Program FAQs

If your questions are not answered by this FAQ’s page, then please send an email with your questions through to [email protected] and we will endevour to respond to your email in a timely manner.

The CyberCX Academy Program

No, the CyberCX Academy is a full-time, paid position which provides a blend of formal training and practical on the job experience.  CyberCX Academy Associates are employees and at the conclusion of the six-month program will transition into operational roles and contribute to safeguarding Australian communities by solving real-world cyber challenges.

Yes, CyberCX Academy Associates are provided an attractive salary which is aligned to the candidate’s skills, education, and professional working experience.

Women and gender diverse individuals will be considered for the CyberCX Academy: All-Women Cohort. Males who apply for the All-Women Cohort will be considered for the next all gender CyberCX Academy intake commencing in early 2025.


Due to the type of work we do, you need to be an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or Australian permanent resident to apply. 

If you’re in the process of applying for Australian permanent residency, we’d love to hear from you once that process is completed, but not before. 

Please note, for anyone applying with an employment location preference of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), you will need to be an Australian Citizen to apply and be considered. This is a hiring policy set by CyberCX.

Yes – as long as you’re intending to return to Australia to be part of the program. 

If you’re an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or have Australian permanent residency status you are welcome to apply, but relocation to Australia will be at your expense and you will need to be present in Australia at the time the program commences.

Absolutely. CyberCX Academy is our entry-level program and open to university or TAFE graduates.

You are welcome to apply. Please be aware this is a full-time position, 38 hours per week (Monday – Friday) and you will need to manage your studies alongside the program. 

Yes. CyberCX is passionate about building a diverse cyber security workforce through the Academy program.  

You do not need to be a university or TAFE graduate in Cyber. We welcome people looking to cross train or re-enter the workforce from other industries and even school leavers. We all have transferrable skills, and we’d love to hear about yours.  

What is important to CyberCX, is that you’re passionate about a career in cyber security, want to help secure our communities and that you are willing to learn. We can help with the rest.

The Selection Process

We run three cohorts a year, typically in March, July and November. We’re looking to recruit up to 40 CyberCX Academy Associates for each cohort at locations across Australia. 

The CyberCX Academy recruitment process involves a number of steps including online activities and an interview. Each step is designed to help you to put your best foot forward and demonstrate your strengths, skills and abilities. 

You will be verbally offered a position with the CyberCX Academy and with verbal acceptance, you’ll be asked to complete reference and background checks. Pending successful review and return of these checks, you will be sent an employment contract for our CyberCX Academy Program.

You will be notified via email.

Starting your career with us

Each cohort will have a designated start date. The All-Women Cohort will commence on 6 November 2024.

No. As CyberCX Academy is a structured cohort-based program with a group training calendar, it’s important that everyone in the cohort starts at the same time.

As part of the application process, you can nominate your preferred location for employment. 

We have market leading workspaces and facilities across Australian capital cities (WA, SA, TAS, ACT, VIC, NSW and QLD).

CyberCX Academy Associates are offered a full-time permanent paid position, which is defined as 38 hours per week at CyberCX (Monday – Friday), with additional reasonable hours to be worked to fulfill your role duties and that of CyberCX as the company. 

Academy Associates can also access a wide range of employee benefit programs including health and wellbeing, reward and recognition, industry group memberships, additional leave provisions, technology, and mobile allowance as well as shopping discounts.

Training and Development

The CyberCX Academy Program is a 6-month program which provides a blend of formal training and practical on-the-job experience. It is designed to give participants the best possible start to their cyber career.  

During the 6 months of the program, Associates complete a cyber security fundamentals course,  role-specific training and supervised hands-on experience.  

The training content is delivered by CyberCX’s own cyber security experts, in person and through online training activities. Some Academy training streams also include training on role specific vendor tools.  

Associates also receive mentoring and coaching from Australia’s leading cyber security specialists. 

Upon the completion of program, CyberCX Associates will transition into operational roles to consolidate learning and contribute to safeguarding Australian communities by solving real-word cyber challenges.

You will spend 14 weeks completing formalised training programs specific to your role and an additional 12 weeks gaining valuable skills through on-the-job learning. This training will be tailored to your designated practice, which is where you will master your craft. 

No, you will be placed in, and aligned to, the consulting or technical stream that you apply for. If successful in securing a position, you will be guided by our cyber experts on what specific practice within your chosen stream is a best fit, while also taking into account any areas within cyber security that you may already have a strong interest in. 

We want to set you up for success and will take everything we learn about you during the recruitment process into consideration. Each year you’ll direct your development as you grow and learn, identifying your annual career goals. 

Work experience

No. CyberCX does not offer work experience or internships.

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