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Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform designed for the Data Age. Splunk makes machine data accessible by identifying data patterns, providing metrics, diagnosing problems and providing intelligence for business operations. Splunk is ideal for application management, security and compliance and business analytics applications.

CyberCX and Splunk

CyberCX work extensively with Splunk to leverage their technology to support threat detection, security incident response and compliance through the real-time log collection and historical analysis of security events. The benefit of using Splunk is due to the almost limitless variety of event and contextual data sources available for inclusion.

Whether deployed for continuous real-time monitoring, rapid incident response, within a Security Operations Centre (SOC) context, or for executives who need a view of business risk through a dashboard, Splunk delivers the flexibility to customise correlation searches, alerts, reports and dashboards to fit specific needs.

Security driven innovation

CyberCX is also a leader in technical innovation on the Splunk Platform, with 10 Splunk addons currently available via the Splunkbase platform. This investment in Splunk is constantly evolving and being refined. CyberCX has also provided contribution to major Splunk projects, including the Mimecast and Palo Alto Networks integrations, and the Splunk Geo IP Database.

CyberCX’s Correlations library contains over 300 existing use cases, with an average of 20 new or updated Use Cases being deployed across all clients each month. All use cases are tuned to the customer environments supported by the CyberCX SIEM service. Our constantly evolving library enables customers to start to achieve rapid, tangible value from the moment the platform is deployed.

The CyberCX Splunk advantage

As one of the most capable and certified Splunk partners in Australia, CyberCX has developed and maintained extensive capabilities to help our customers deploy, manage and optimise their Splunk instances.

From planning, use-case analysis, design, implementation through to fully managed or blended security operations, we have the people, experience and standardised methodologies to quickly deliver value for your Splunk investment.

Our credentials speak for themselves

CyberCX maintains a significant ongoing investment in our partnership with Splunk, making us one of the most highly certified and capable partners in the Asia Pacific region.

Splunk FAQ

Splunk empowers organisations to understand their data allowing them to find answers to questions that would otherwise remain unanswered, providing solutions to today’s business problems. In today’s world, almost everything produces data in one form or another, to the extent that it is virtually impossible to make sense of it all. Splunk is a software platform used to gather all that unstructured, machine-generated data from virtually any source including operating systems, security devices, websites, applications, sensors and other devices. Once collected, this data can be correlated, searched, analysed and visualised as dashboards in real time, making searching for that crucial information organisations are looking for easy, and as a result automated responses can be defined to take action in real-time.

Splunk connects to and collects data from a large variety of data sources via a number of methods including push and pull API requests, log receivers as well as direct, local data collection. The platform consists of a flexible and scalable three-tier architecture of forwarders, indexers and search heads. Splunk has developed a powerful search language that enables operators to search, correlate, analyse and visualise massive amounts of data in real time. Splunk speeds up incident response and investigations by providing analysts with a unified view across all data sources and a powerful search language to slice and dice the wealth of information to locate that needle in a haystack.

Data analysis and prediction, trend generation and Machine Learning are the key building blocks to anomaly detection, in both the operational and the security space, preventing issues before they occur. Splunk enables organisational teams to configure future state prediction and conditional alerting to foresee the onset of detrimental machine or system states enabling pre-failure remediation. Splunk Phantom adds Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) functionality, and combines security infrastructure orchestration, playbook automation, and case management to automate repetitive security tasks, and respond to emerging threats.

The Splunk data platform is the premier solution for collecting, processing, analysing and presenting the data generated by infrastructure, systems, applications and processes of modern organisations. While there are other applications and solutions that address one or more aspects of the data puzzle to some degree, the Splunk platform is unique in its ability to integrate isolated, siloed data sets and address end-to-end data management. While support for the Splunk platform is second to none and Splunk also hosts Splunkbase, with thousands of apps and add-ons ready to go for virtually any use case.

Data-to-Everything is a new approach to empowering organisations through the collection of real-time data from any source, optimising business and IT execution by making data-driven decision making the norm. In today’s digital age, data is the core asset that drives successful strategy and innovation, and it is the Data-to-Everything platform that allows businesses to bring data to all strategic and tactical decisions, and to provide answers to previously unasked questions by combining that very data in new ways. This enables all organisational teams to leverage the power of data, provided by a single, robust platform, offering a holistic view of organisation’s data being one of its most valuable assets.

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